Building a SUP paddle

It is the middle of the season that most people are out paddling. Which is what we did over the July 4th weekend. Summer is also a time for projects in the garage. So – back the car out, find your tools and build a paddle!
    It takes some wood, a few tools, and a bit of time, but building your own paddle is entirely possible – all from the comfort of your own garage. The pictures are a few taken over the years that I have been building paddles and selling paddle building kits.
    Paddle building proceeds at a leisurely pace. It can be quiet as well, given that paddle can be built by hand with hand powered tools – if you choose a kit from wavetrainSUP. But even going completely from scratch, it’s still an awesome project with a great reward at the end. A scratch built paddle just takes a few more tools of the powered variety and generates more noise and more sawdust. Still pretty good stuff to find in a garage.

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