Start with an Idea!

Custom bent shaft wood paddle I do love a wood paddle. Add in a bent shaft and a comfortable handle and it’s even better! Best of all though, is that each paddle project is a chance to build something unique and all your own. There’s no right or wrong, nor are there any federal guidelines. Some in the paddling world focus on weight and performance metrics, but when you only have a round shaft manufactured in a foreign factory, there’s not much to describe other than weight, right?

Or maybe add in a double bend shaft that’s extra wide and a palm grip handle. All you baby. Your design, your hands doing the work. One of the many beauties of building your own is the freedom to try something that may not be in the market, or at least not in your paddle quiver.

I’ve been heading down that path for awhile now. Canoe paddles led to SUP paddles led to paddleboards led to charcuterie and end grain cutting boards. It’s all wood and a few other ingredients, along with lots of time and my own hands doing the work.

Canoecopia 2020 was cancelled. That wrecked my plans for a good bit. The pandemic we’re surviving has changed things a good bit, but I still greatly enjoy building something from wood with my own hands. I hope you do too!

And remember – wood is good!

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