I happen to be a card carrying member in the club for people that like to eat dessert first. So without further ado, here is a supCAT:


My start paddleboarding happened on other people’s boards. Next up came a Kahuna – a board I built myself from someone else’s design. This board awesomely features a kayak-like front end which makes for very quiet paddling. Those first boards were foam in the flat bottom surfing tradition, which is nice – if you live by the ocean. Or maybe a river.

Living in the middle of the country, close to all sorts of water in the flat and fresh style, those foam flat bottom boards were noisy, so the v-bottom front end of the wood Kahuna was a giant step up. Now I could paddle along whisper quiet. Great stuff for the dawn patrol on a misty cool morning somewhere in flyover country.

I love that board. It is one I still have, but its fatal flaw is that it skitters around almost as bad as a leaf in the wind. A big skeg, on what is still a very flat bottom, mostly solved that problem. But after the exercise designing a big skeg (and making it adjustable and removable) I was infected with the desire to make a board all my own. So I did.

The supCAT pictured above is the result of wanting a SUP that does better in a straightish line, dreaming about it a bit, and then just getting out in the shop and making my vision into something real.

Today I’m paddling (and enjoying) a supCAT that is everything I hoped for, and moving along with a kit, so others can build their own without the hassle of making long rip cuts on a table saw. The kits are custom, mainly because there are so many ways to do the deck. If a kit interests you, let’s talk. Happy trails! and I hope they are wet.


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