Summer Days Coming Soon!

Paradise can be found on Lake Kegonsa

Canoecopia version 2022 happened this weekend. Fantastic with a bit of different added in for good measure. CLC Boats was there. As usual, like they have been for I don’t know how long. Tons of VERY cool plans for building all sorts of paddle- and oar-powered wood boats.

A set of plans I purchased from them back in the day is one of the notions that inspired wavetrainSUP. Those plans led to the above paddleboard, a CLC Kahuna. Great paddleboard. Quiet. Stable. Wood. Not plastic. Not a surfboard. 14 feet of paddling pleasure.

It is old in the tooth now, and I have started my own line of paddleboards, supCATboards. But a whole bunch of quiet mornings spent paddling Lake Kegonsa remain lodged in the old memory bank. Great place. Great board.

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