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cataSUP padaCAT supCAT padamaran

September 9, 2018

paddleboard catamaranSometimes, if you do something long enough, you experience these bouts of fanciful imagination in which you picture ‘things’. After a few bouts of imagining and designing in my head while I paddled around on other people’s boats, I decided to make this. Two hulls and a deck. Wisconsin white pine, and a shop making paddles that lost square footage to a boat contrivance that took up way too much space. But this is the result:
cataSUP, padaCAT, supmaran, padaSUPThis is the first one. A prototype. Fourteen feet long, thirty two inches wide at its widest, the hulls are each about ten inches ‘tall’ with ~two inches of deck on top. My biggest curiosity was tracking. The first board, a Kahuna, cuts the water quietly like its kayak-shaped front end allows for, but without a stout skeg on its back four feet, it skitters around on the water like a leaf on a windy day. Difficult to go in a straight line. That was the first ‘irritation’ that got me thinking about the next board I wanted. Since my paddling happens on lakes and slow moving rivers here in flyover country, I wanted to go in a straightish line with less effort relative to the Kahuna. I’m happy to write that my first concern is answered in a good way. This supCAT padamaran cataSUP moves in a straight line more than I hoped for. As I kind of could guess while I was building it, each hull acts like a rudder and moves the craft in a straight line even as it holds me up and keeps my hoofies dry. It paddles in a straight line. Cross that off the check list.
My next concern is/was the distance from deck to water. For this size boat and my size/weight I am happy with that as well. For me, this distance works with the same paddles as I use on the Kahuna. For my lighter daughter and her friend, they need longer paddles, given that they do not displace the same water that I do. For them the deck is farther up out of the water. The obvious answer is a twelve or even an eleven foot board for the smaller person, which is next up on the drawing board. I really like the large deck. The overall look as it sits in the water is just what I hoped for. Best of all, I am enjoying the feel of wood and water.
Happy paddling!
There’s a bit more on the wavetrainSUP website, but most of the pics are on the wavetrainSUP Instagram channel. Just hit IG and search for wavetrainSUP!