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R is for resin

April 22, 2015

Resin is the other half of the epoxy (along with hardener) that makes such a fabulous dance partner for the soft limp cloth that is fiberglass cloth when dry.

It’s industrial. It is chemical. It sticks stuff together even better than glue. I use West Systems GFlex for the paddle shaft and MAS epoxy for the blade. Both are quite good for the purposes in which I apply them.

So the next time you’re out and about and notice something light and strong and non-metallic, odds are it could be epoxy in some way, shape, or form. Amazing stuff.


Spokeshave at Work on Paddle Shaft

November 28, 2013

A quick look at a spokeshave in use shaping a paddle shaft.
Jeff Bach

fly fishing on a SUP in New York City waterways

August 9, 2013

Fun article in the Character Study section of the New York Times.  Love this section of that paper.  Great paper too. Anyway, Corey Kilgannon hooked up with (no pun intended) a flyfishing SUP’er named Pierre Champion.  He’s all about using a SUP as a fishing platform in New York City waterways.  Good stuff.

Here’s the article – Stand Up, Cast Off, Reel In