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SUP in a lake, simple paddleboarding

January 18, 2016

It’s been awhile since I surveyed the “industry” that wavetrainSUP seems to be in. In this case, I searched Twitter for the keyword “paddleboard”. Wow. Either wavetrainSUP is an outlier or…I don’t know.

I found nothing about the simple pleasure of paddleboarding. It’s not all surfing and racing after all. There’s plenty of space for getting out on a nice summer day. Of course it’s winter now, so the above shot reminds me of what is coming in just a few months I hope.

So here’s the thing – my background is all freshwater and simple pleasures, like paddling one of the many lakes here in Wisconsin. Usually that paddling includes a paddleboard I built myself and a paddle I made myself as well. Some fishing, lots of picture taking, sometimes I even take our little dog along on the paddle.

I almost always have the water to myself. It’s quiet, there’s lots of birds, and looking down into the water is kind of mesmerizing.


Customer Paddles

July 13, 2015

Matt D. from somewhere out in sunny (and presumably dry) California sent in some pictures from his paddlemaking project. The paddles look good and his emails read happy!

Free Shipping for December Kits!

December 6, 2014

Hello world!
For those of you that are keyboarding the interwebs looking for that possibly perfect pick for your paddler, paddle making kits purchased in December will have free shipping. This knocks about forty dollars of the kit price. By the way, I worked hard on that prior sentence. It’s hard to get four words starting with “p” to make sense and fit together. This applies to canoe paddle kits as well. Sadly this free shipping only applies to the lower 48 states. AK, HI, and the rest of you paddlers I am still trying to figure out how to get long thin pieces to ship overseas/by air. Something silly about length restrictions for air freight…….