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The humble quarter inch

April 20, 2015

Four of them together make up one single small inch. Individually, a quarter inch piece of wood is easily bent and can be used for very little. Put four of those thing pieces together though and you transform individually weak pieces into a strong untied single piece.

I find one quarter inch to be a perfect thickness for bending wood. The epoxy can hold the bend, the wood accepts the bend, and the tools can handle any stress introduced from bending.

Five strips together plus the minimal amount added by four layers of epoxy makes up a very nice thickness for a paddle shaft from which a custom shaft can be shaped to expressly fit the hand of the builder or the new owner.

Laminates provide some choice in dimension of a paddle shaft and they make it considerably easier to work with wood.


L is for Laminate

April 14, 2015

wavetrainSUP is all about building your own bent shaft paddleboard paddles. Finding the methods, tools, and materials is critical for us here at wavetrainSUP. When it comes to methods and materials, laying up thin strips (laminates) of wood in a form and bonding those thin strips with epoxy has repeatedly proven to be a simple and effective way of taking materials like thin wood strips and using straightforward methods to build up a paddle shaft that when complete is immensely stronger than the individual


thin laminates that were used in the process. For me, it is always interesting to see how five weak individual wood strips when bonded together become a shaft that is immensely stronger than the individual pieces.