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R is for resin

April 22, 2015

Resin is the other half of the epoxy (along with hardener) that makes such a fabulous dance partner for the soft limp cloth that is fiberglass cloth when dry.

It’s industrial. It is chemical. It sticks stuff together even better than glue. I use West Systems GFlex for the paddle shaft and MAS epoxy for the blade. Both are quite good for the purposes in which I apply them.

So the next time you’re out and about and notice something light and strong and non-metallic, odds are it could be epoxy in some way, shape, or form. Amazing stuff.


G is for Glue

April 8, 2015

The issue of how to join, bond, or connect wood pieces, by necessity comes up quite a bit in making a laminated wood paddle. Laminating means using something to attach multiple pieces to each other.

There is not straightforward answer that fits every case. First, if you have experience with something you trust. Keep on using it. I derive alot of value from a workflow that I trust and that includes trusting the epoxy that I use. Not glue. I’m not feeling any pain to change, so I continue using epoxy and I continue selling it as part of the paddle kits. I trust it and it has not let me down yet. That said, it is a big world. If you have used glue for laminating wood that will be wet or even be immersed in water, then continue using it.

GFlex and MAS brands of epoxy have been very good to me. They are the brands I have used and have come to trust in the specific contexts of the workflows in which I use them.

If you are a bent shaft paddle maker and have used other brands of epoxy or glue to laminate your paddle shafts, I would love to read about it. Please leave a comment and share what you know!