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Customer Paddles

July 13, 2015

Matt D. from somewhere out in sunny (and presumably dry) California sent in some pictures from his paddlemaking project. The paddles look good and his emails read happy!


Skis are in storage and the paddles are back out

March 16, 2015

Spring must be here. Canoecopia is the proof. Or at least we’re close to spring. Part of me thinks a big March snowstorm is lurking, but even with that there still is not enough snow time left to get in skiing shape, so let’s bring on spring. This past weekend was a busy one with Canoecopia taking place. The aisles looked as crowded as always.

I spent the morning at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center booth volunteering for them and the afternoon up in the Atrium talking about paddles and part and pieces and this that and the other. Three hours went by in the blink of an eye and then it was over for me. I realized what I need to invent is a paddle carrier. Getting stuff into the show and then back out of the show is the hardest part of the whole drill. Lots of people stopped by. Good questions. Hope I gave good answers!

Happy trails!

Making a Paddle – A Standup Paddleboard Paddle

February 21, 2012

picture of a hand made SUP paddle Canoecopia 2012 is in sight now. For WavetrainSUP, this means a small little coming out party in the form of a seminar Sunday afternoon titled – “Making a Bent Shaft Laminated Paddle”. WavetrainSUP does only a few things. Two to be precise. We assemble paddlemaking kits and we make hand made wooden paddles for both standup paddleboarding and canoeing. The kits we put together contain the wood, the tools and the form that a paddle builder needs to create two paddles. Consider the first one practice and the second one more practice…that lets you avoid the mistakes you made in the first one!
For me as a long-time paddler, it’s about using the paddle, enjoying the paddle and the places it takes you. Building that paddle makes using it even better. Building it gets you into a pleasant frame of mind that focuses on the pleasure of making something out of wood. Building a paddle puts a spokeshave in your hands, smelling the wood, listening to the spokeshave, and watching your paddle emerge. I hope you get to enjoy paddle making as much as I do!