a Splash of Magic

I don’t know much about photography, but I do know that every morning and evening there is a few skinny minutes when the light is ‘just right’. It’s magic light. Really it’s light from a natural source at a low angle so there are few shadows. But I like ‘magic light’ better. I think this lighting voodoo gets stronger as the days get shorter in fall and the sun changes its angle.

So here we have an image of a Splash paddle taken in magic light on a fall late afternoon.

a Splash of Magic

The dark water was quite calm which also gave back a great reflection. It’s also one of my favorite pictures of my wife. So it’s a home run all the way around.

But this blog is about paddles, mostly. So a Splash paddle is usually a basswood shaft and blade, although this does not have to be the case. I like the creamy whiteness of basswood because it offsets the bright colors of the fabric that covers both sides of the blade. Cotton fabric, soaks up epoxy just like fiberglass does. So far, the Splash paddles I have built are holding together and performing just fine, and they are a good bit more colorful than the other paddles in my collection.

A Splash paddle can come to you as a custom built color pop, or it can come as a kit. You can pick from the fabric swatches I have, or you can provide your own. I often wonder what an old t-shirt would do.

Anyway, enjoy these fabulous days of paddling and happy trails!

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