walnut gets wet

a Walnut paddle resting in the shade and drying off

Our latest little adventure to Lake Wazeecha, saw a custom built walnut paddle makes its debut. As with nearly all other woods, walnut can be just right for a paddleboard paddle. While some suggest that walnut is too heavy, I push back just a bit and suggest that weight belongs in a performance-oriented work world – not the leisurely world of having fun on the water. Save the performance metrics for your next review at work and embrace the simple joy of using the wood you have on hand. Build a paddle with it and then take it paddling!

As the west burns up and dries out, I ache for the many fine places I lived, worked and visited. Too many places to count in several states ‘out west’. At the end of the day though, I enjoy little pothole lakes and a humble campsite as much as any place west of here. Water is in plentiful supply all around me. Lunch time paddles are well within reach, and sometimes a walnut paddle does just fine. It looks good too!

Happy paddling!

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