a Redwood Custom Paddle

I think wood makes for some beautiful paddles. Wood has heart. It has character. It has soul. Looking at it, you can just about see the story it is telling you. Here’s the story:

It’s gorgeous stuff, at least to my eyes. While it is hard not to be a good bit upset at how North American virgin redwood was treated back in the day, I like to think that building a paddle from reclaimed and salvaged redwood lumber is a fitting and long lasting use of the wood.

On more of a positive note, redwood is a fairly fast growing tree. Several wood sellers I’ve been following in Instagram offer redwood for sale. Some is the reclaimed old growth precious variety, but some is newer growth from modernish times. It can be sustainably harvested and the wood tells the same great story, just with a shorter timeline.

As always, get out and build your own. Then….paddle it. Enjoy!

PS – if you want a redwood paddle, I know this guy in Wisconsin that might be able to help you out with redwood for one of your very own!

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