A Solution for the Problem of Tools

I often wonder how many people (hopefully they are paddlers) wistfully look at a paddle kit and then go somewhere else – because while they are interested in paddling and in building a paddle, they lack a garage with a workbench and/or the tools needed to complete their desired paddle building project.

If you are one of those people, then a possible solution just might be found in a “Maker Space”. Some might call it a “hacker space”. If you live in the Madison, WI. area, you will find it listed as ‘the Bodgery’, with an explanation noting that the verb ‘bodge’ means ‘to make’.


More to the point, these maker spaces all have members that provide the membership fees to keep the lights on and the parking lot plowed. And presumably the blades sharp. And for those paddle builders lacking a workbench, a maker space has work benches and a vise or two, along with more tools than you can shake a stick at.

The Bodgery, here in Madison, offers weekly open house nights where non-members can come in and tour and even use the facilities to build their project. Monthly memberships are available as well.

So if lack of work space is stopping you from your building project, you might consider looking into a maker space. Hopefully there’s one near you.

Here’s a link to a national list of Maker Spaces. Here’s an even bigger list of Hacker Spaces. If nothing comes up near you, be sure and fiddle with broader search terms. Some of these spaces might be known as ‘Fab Labs’ in your neck of the woods. Or even something else, like ‘The Bodgery’.

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