Down the River

Labor Day weekend arrived in Wisconsin, which means it is a prime time to…go down the river.

We did.

This is the beauty of a ‘local’ river. Pack things up a bit, drive a little. Float. Camp.

We wanted to see the northern lights brought on by some giganto solar storm, but no such luck. oh well.

What we did get is a sweet two day trip. Perfect conditions.

This was the first trip for our newest addition, Sula. Turns out she loves digging in sand. who knew? The supCAT performed just as expected. My wife Carolyn and I switched back and forth between the supCAT and the family truckster canoe. All good. The only issue we encountered was the landing at Arena is dry, so we had to portage about forty feet over a sandbar to get to the takeout. Minor deal.

Fall water on the Wisconsin River is low, clear, and cool. Sandbars are everywhere. There are beaucoup boat landings on both sides of the river. Camp anywhere. We were lucky and had a big sandbar across from Ferry Bluff all to ourselves.

It’s a pretty sweet gig having an awesome river in your back yard, like we do. Weekend trips are possible instead of once or twice a year. Camping is easy and the living is good!

Be a paddler! Be a paddle builder!


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