Enjoy. Escape?

I’ve been working on this book. It is simple in concept. Word pairs. That’s it. I like how word pairs can compare and contrast and help inform the reader/listener. Sometimes the difference between the two words is nuanced. Escape and enjoy is just such a pair.

Ever since I found Wuda Wooch, the outdoor club at University Minnesota Duluth where I started my checkered collegiate career back in 1984, I’ve been around people that wanted/needed (another great word pair btw) to be outside.

It may be that I am a slow learner, but over the years a profound set of evidence built up around me, based on these ‘outdoor’ people and that word pair. I guess it took me a longish while to realize what that evidence seemed to illustrate.

Breaking things down in one (of many) ways – there’s happy people and sad people. Over the thirty + years since my outdoor adventures began, I have come to see that the ‘happy’ people were generally those that ENJOYED what they were doing in the great outdoors. When the event / experience was over, they went back to the rest of their life, happy for more. Pretty much in the same state as when they started the event / experience.

Conversely, those in the ‘sad’ camp generally were seeking to ESCAPE something, e.g. life, location, personal demons, negative issues, etc. They arrived at the start of the event / experience like a long week had dragged them down. They did their thing and went back to the rest of their life unhappy about the prospect. A far cry from their counterparts in the ‘happy’ camp.

That word pair book nears completion, and those hidden meanings found in comparing and contrasting two words in a pair continue to illustrate and on occasion even inspire.

It is my hope that ‘enjoy’ is your word of choice!

P.S. double bend paddle kits and paddles are looming on the horizon. Interesting to think through this concept and implement it in designing a form and going about building those first paddles…….

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