Summer 2017 in the books

The first few non-green maple leaves are showing up in my yard this week.


It seems like I barely paddled this summer.  The usual suspects popped up and robbed me of my time. However, there was some paddling.  Seems like most often the paddling I do tends to be with people that have never been on a paddle board before, or with people that just haven’t paddle before.

Like Canadians for example. We had a family reunion this summer and somehow our Canadian relatives managed to get across the border. And? We took them paddling.


That’s all in the rear view mirror now, though. Next up?

This fall wavetrainSUP is rolling out double bend paddles, both ready to use paddles and kits.

Later on, as winter rolls around, we’re also going to have a go at paddleboards. Not paddles. The bigger chunks of wood that do the floating not so much of the paddling. 

That’s what took up so much time this summer. 

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that ‘new product development’ is not a time and money sink, although I am hard pressed to find a more pleasant way (other than paddling) to spend summer days.

happy trails! paddling too!

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