Canoecopia in rear view mirror

Just like so many of the other CC events, this year’s version of Canoecopia hummed with energy and good stuff. For me it’s fun just to see aisles packed with people all revolving around paddling – one way or another. After talking with so many other enthusiasts, now more than ever I really enjoy the neat place that paddlemaking occupies. The combination of making something with your own hands that you then use with your own hands is a great feeling. Lots of good vibes.

CC2016  was wavetrainSUP’s jump into offering complete paddles in addition to the paddle kits that have long been our standard fare. Building paddle from concept through completion was what got me started with wavetrainSUP in the first place after all. Creating Happy Ghosts, Solid Citizens, Knotty Farmhands, and Old School Reds puts me right back in the mindset of making something. It’s all absorbing. I love the place I find myself in when I am making a paddle. There’s nothing quite like shaping a shaft or finishing a blade that offers such an absorbing combination of physical work and mental focus. I love it.

There’s lots of updating to the website. If you came by the booth you saw all the paddles as well as the parts and pieces. Now it’s time to go into camera mode and refresh the website with imagery that matches everything in the booth.

Happy paddling! Jeff

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