The Humble Hold-down

Woodworking tools range from complex and electric to simple and manual. You need tools to make a paddle. I take care of the electric and complex tools. You get to work with your hands using the manual tools. Each paddle kit comes with materials for two paddles that can be built ENTIRELY with hand power.
That said, there are several hand tools that make paddle making even easier. The humble hold-down (or is it holddown?) being one of them.

There are at least two different styles. Both come in quite handy. I have a couple of the portable, removable red hold-downs and several of the vise grip types as well. The red style is particularly handy because you can install one in the middle of your work area, assuming of course you are not averse to drilling a hole in your work surface. The vise grip style needs a table edge to grip.
Both definitely earn their keep and then some.
Happy paddling!


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