S is for Scraper

I was fairly late to the game with scrapers, for which I often kick myself. These simple little pieces of metal with edges that have a “hook” or a “burr” as it is commonly called, don’t really even feel sharp, but they do a phenomenal job of putting a smooth surface on a piece of wood.

for paddle making, the scraper is one of my top three tools. Of course paddle making does not require many tools. Regardless of that a scraper is one of those tools I would deem essential in every paddle maker’s toolbox.

Scrapers compete with sandpaper. Scrapers produce a thin shaving by cutting the surface of the wood. Sandpaper produces dust by ripping the surface of the wood and breaking free chunk of wood from the grooves created by the grains that are embedded in the paper.

Have a look at Youtube and see what others do with a scraper. Adding one to your tool kit offers a whole new way to achieve a smooth finish on just about any type of wood or surface. A great little piece of humble metal that does great work.


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