old Growth Spruce for Shaft Top Piece

Every once in awhile even a blind squirrel finds a nut, or so a guide down in Mobile told me a few years back. A few days back I found a bunch of nuts, only they are in the form of several ancient old boards of old growth redwood and spruce. The picture above is the piece of spruce I found digging through the dark dusty corners of an old lumberyard. It’s a six-foot chunk of sixteen inch board. The knot emerges not from the top as I HAVE ALWAYS seen but rather out the side. Bizarre, unseen by me, but very cool. Or at least I think so anyway. I keep ripping the board and the knot keeps on showing through. Half the ripped pieces are going into a series of custom paddles, but the other half of the strips are available for those of you interested in a unique way to finish off the top of your paddle shaft, by using one of these strips as the fifth (or top most) piece. the knot is tight, so far anyway. I think it would look good at either end of the paddle.

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