Paddle Blades with Knots – Old Growth Character

One benefit of making your own paddles is that you can make a paddle exactly how you want it to be. While wavetrainSUP may not have an infinite variety of raw materials, you certainly have more choices for your paddle project than you would buying a paddle at a store. For starters, here are some details on the picture below:

  1. This is a pair of unfinished raw Peruvian walnut blade blanks;
  2. This is a pair of old growth knotty cedar blade blanks;
  3. This is a raw pair of simple lumber yard pine blanks
  4. old barn board, likely fir, blade blanks. From an old barn near Sun Prairie, WI.
  5. normal clear quarter sawn cedar
  6. clear vertical grain cedar
  7. not shown: blue-dyed curly maple and clear poplar

canoe-paddle-kit I need to redo this shot in live sunshine instead of in the shop. The cedar blades in particular are a beautiful rich brown beige buff color. The old growth blade pair looks like this:
wavetrainSUP paddle project in progress
This shot shows old growth cedar blades, vertical grain cedar shaft strip and paduak thin blade pieces. No sanding at this point. Note the squeezeout along the joins. Scrapers do an awesome job removing this. Patient sanding cleans it all up to your final specs.

Consider trying your hand at paddle building. wavetrainSUP kits are as custom as you want them to be. Nothing electric is required to finish a paddle project. Table saws, jig saws, sanders can all stay at the store. Your hands and some time are all that is required. Contact info is on the contact page of our website. Always happy to talk paddle making!

Jeff Bach

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